God has made a new beginning for me ! How desperately I needed it after so many years of conflict with myself and other people.

I always knew that the meaning of my name is ‘forgiveness’, but I never liked it. I felt many people can harm me and I must always please by forgiving all the time. Now I have discovered that forgiveness actually is the fruit of love and the experience of Jesus’ worth in me. Actually my name is the Jesus character in me. I now feel I want to worship this Lord who has given me my meaningful name.

I felt that 90% of what was said in the course, was only for me personally.

Things have become shockingly clear to me. My life was full of pain. I have now discovered that I have contributed to at least 70% of my pain because of my wrong reactions to life’s difficulties and sufferings.

To confront other people in order to restore relationships always bothered me because I saw it as a point of weakness to be the one to do it first. God has shown me that it is actually a sign of maturity to take initiative in restoring relationships.