From the very first day of our journey I was very much touched by the message of Wounded Healer. I never thought in the past that if God wants tor each His purposes in my life, I need to go through times of trials, pain,losses and sufferings. God has called me to be a wounded Healer, like Jesus,and He can use my past experiences of woundedness and pain in order to make it a source of healing for wounded people like me.

During course I also realized that God and His Divine Identity which is in me now is the only source of my existence and daily living (relationships,work). I am very blessed to understand that I don't need to rely on other people's opinions about me or my sinful own believes in who I am, but can trust in what God thinks of me now. I also learned that in my old nature and flesh I have absolutely nothing to boast about and that only trusting in God's power in me I can live the life that He expects of me and bring much fruit.

I have done Mature Personhood course now for the second time, and believe God worked powerfully in my life. At the moment I experience both joy and somewhat of a sadness in my heart. The Joy that I experience comes from realization of who I am in Christ through His Identity in me. But sadness comes from the fact that I discovered that I have not been living this truth thus far and that I did not value the relationships with Heavenly Father as His son."Now I really desire to live a new life, I want Christ and His Identity to be the center of control of my life and that I will live the new life out of Jesus in me. I want to change daily into His image and become like Jesus in all circumstances and relationships.

I have experienced much love from the Lord these days and am so grateful that God's Word is being fulfilled and shows itself in such truthfulness to us. Most of all I am grateful for the gift of eternal life of God in me now! With joy I am now expecting the day when I can see Jesus face to face.May the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit receive all the glory!